Discovering the sea of Cefalù

Discovering the sea of Cefalù

Cefalù is a small tourist destination, about 70 km from Palermo, which every year attracts thousands of Italians and foreigners looking for fun and relaxation. Going to Cefalù it is impossible not to spend a few days without fully enjoying its splendid sea. Among the most favorite beaches we find:

Mazzaforno beach

It is a small bay made up of pebbles and sand, with the particularity of being set in a breathtaking landscape. With its clear waters ranging from emerald green to turquoise, it is possible to glimpse the submerged rocks; in fact, it is the ideal place for snorkelers who, thanks to the presence of numerous rocks, can enjoy the marine fauna view in truly crystal clear waters.

Caldura beach

It is a pebble beach dominated by a high cliff from which it takes its name and, for the bravest, it is possible to dive.

Settefrati beach

It is only a few kilometers from Cefalù. This beach is dominated by some rock formations and for this reason it takes this name. There are, in fact, seven rocks placed in a row, a short distance from each other, emerging from the water.

Capo Playa beach

It takes its name from a well-known district in Cefalù, it is very wide and characterized by a coastline of sand mixed with pebbles. Thanks to the strong winds, it is perfect for surfing or having fun with sailing.

Sant’Ambrogio beach

It is the perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the sea in complete relaxation. It is a very large beach of sand mixed with pebbles and gravel, bathed by a beautiful clear and transparent sea.

Pollina beach

It is located a few steps from the center and it is one of the largest beaches in Cefalù, with its 11 kilometers of coastline. A very popular beach, especially by young people looking for a place to spend a night of fun, because in the evening you can go to celebrate with loud music.

Salinelle beach

It is located 8 km from Cefalù, in the flat area of ​​the Salinelle and is the most popular in the area. A beach of golden sand, partly guarded. It is bathed by a beautiful blue sea, more or less clear, depending on the summer storms. Ideal for families and friends.

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