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Incao Holiday was created to offer the best holiday experience possible, trying to make your vacations in maximum relaxation. Incao provides his own experience available to find the ideal solution for our guests. We are specialized in the management of tourist rentals of holiday homes, apartments and villas, located in the towns of: Cefalù and Lascari.

Our accommodations correspond to different characteristics and types. In fact, we offer tailor-made solutions ideal for families who travel by car and want to spend a pleasant stay with the convenience of direct access to the sea. We aim to distinguish ourselves for the sense of hospitality, typical of the Sicilian territory, the desire to follow and advise you on your stay in the Norman town, enriching it with sensations and emotions.

Chi siamo

The origins

It is located on the northern Sicilian coast, at the foot of a rocky promontory. In the 4th century BC, the ancient Greeks founded the Kephaloidion polis in the place where the current historic center stands. In 254 BC the city was conquered by the Romans who called it Cephaloedium. Under the Byzantine rule, the town moved from the plain to the fortress.

The old town

The old town was not completely abandoned, as evidenced by the discovery of a building of Christian worship, with a floor in polychrome mosaic from the 4th century. In 858 the city was conquered by the Arabs. In 1063 it was conquered by the Normans. In 1131 Ruggero built a cathedral as a fortress.

Chi siamo
Chi siamo

Consulates of Commerce

There the mosaics in the apse were soon made by Byzantine masters. The dominant figure is the beautiful image of Christ Pantocrator. On the death of Federico II the political situation of the city became very confused. Only in 1742 the Consulates of Commerce were born.

Today: destination for many tourists

Those of France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands that will remain active until the end of the nineteenth century. The city opens up to Europe and begins to be a destination for travelers on the Grand Tour. Cefalù is a seaside resort, a destination for tourists for its splendid beaches and precious monuments.

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