Cefalù Summer 2023: an eventful season

Summer 2023 in Cefalù will be filled with many extraordinary events, including music, theatre, dance recitals, and shows for all ages! A rich list of free events organised by the municipal administration will take place among the atrium of the ‘Botta’ school, the garden of the Bordonaro Estate and the Lungomare Giardina.

Inside the playbill:

  • In yellow events in the atrium Botta School (entrance Via Giglio) – shows start at 21:30
  • In red events Lungomare Giardina – performances start at 22:00
  • In purple events Castello Bordonaro (C/da Mazzaforno) – shows start at 21:30.

You cannot miss this incredible opportunity to fully enjoy the wonder Cefalù has to offer and witness unforgettable evenings that will mark your summer 2023!


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