The medieval wash house of Cefalù

Among the cobblestone streets of the wonderful village on the sea called Cefalù, you can visit the medieval wash house remained intact over time, dating back to about 600. Visited by exorbitant numbers of tourists from all over the world and in all seasons. It’s easy to be enchanted by the beauty of the place. In fact, it shows all its history handed down over time, with the voices of the Sicilian washerwomen who cheerfully washed the clothes by beating them on the stones that are located in front of the sink itself.

The whole area is covered by a huge arch of Arabic influence that introduces visitors to this wonderful place. Then descending through a stone staircase you reach the tanks filled with water that flows from the heads of lions, coming from the river Cefalino and then reaches the sea.

An ancient legend echoes within the walls of the village…

It is rumoured that the river Cefalino was born from the tears of a nymph who regretted killing her lover out of jealousy; for this reason at the entrance of this wash you can read an inscription engraved on the stone that reads: “Here flows Cefalino, healthier than any other river, purer than silver, colder than snow“.

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