The Madonie Park: the mountain paths

The Madonie Park: the mountain paths

The Madonie Park is a protected natural area and includes fifteen municipalities of the city of Palermo, including Cefalù.
The Madonie Park is embraced by the Madonie mountain system. With the exception of Etna, the other highest mountains in Sicily are located in this park, for example: Pizzo Carbonara, 1979 meters; Pizzo Antenna Grande, 1977 meters; Monte San Salvatore, 1912 meters. In addition, the park reserves beautiful landscapes and an immense richness of flora and fauna.
There are numerous paths that can be followed within the Madonie Park.

Among the best known we find:
The path that leads up to the Massiccio dei Cervi, which is located in the western area and which offers wonderful views.
The path towards Pizzo Carbonara which moves towards the highest peak of the Madonie. It starts from Piano Battaglia and follows an itinerary rich in ancient remains of the local civilization.
The path of agrifogli giganti that leads instead to the heart of the park. It starts from the Piano Sempria and reaches Piano Pomo, where you can enjoy a beautiful view of Mount Etna.

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